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GAITRite’s  Impact on Neurological Research

University of Kentucky

"GAITRite® instrumentation is going to help us dissociate maybe who is going to develop dementiaor who is going to stay healthy as they get older."

Elizabeth Head, Ph.D.

GAITRite  and Multiple Sclerosis Research

Scheck & Siress, Chicago

"Imagine someone walking down a beach and the footprints are recorded in the sand...
As the person walks, the system records the footfalls and then the software translates that information."

Jason Wening, CPO/LPO, MS, FAAOP 


GAITRite  use for Elderly Patients

Scheck & Siress, Chicago

In this video, [a patient]...who has multiple sclerosis, walks first without the benefit of a [walking] device...
then with one of the devices attached to her left leg...and thereafter with a device on each of her legs.


GAITRite  has been cited in over 4619 publications worldwide


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