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Cited in over 5011 research publications since 2005 all over the world

Gait analysis provides a functional assessment applicable to people of any age, and is a valuable tool across many disciplines today, including geriatrics, neurology, pediatrics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as assessment of prosthetic-orthotic intervention effectiveness, balance and falls in older adults and slip resistance evaluations.

In research, normal and pathological gait patterns have been thoroughly documented over the years. Gait assessment has been found to be a useful predictor of other underlying issues, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy and many other degenerative conditions where it can be used as part of the diagnostic protocol.


Hundreds of private rehabilitation clinics, research facilities, hospitals, universities and other institutions have used and trusted the GAITRite® analysis system for providing accurate temporo-spatial measures of gait, in real-time. GAITRite® has also been widely used in the field of biomechanics research, evidence-based practice and research design.

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Observational Gait: A visual guide by Janet Adams

A pedagogical manual and video library that provides a thorough review of key characteristics of normal gait that are important for observational clinical gait analysis.

  • Normal and pathological gait are described using figures and graphs, along with gait videos and 3D graphs to show the kinematics and kinetics described

  • Functional tools used as outcome measures to evaluate gait performance in the community environment including Dynamic Gait Test, Six Minute Walk Test, Ten Meter Walk Test, to name a few

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