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You have asked, we answer
  • What does the GAITRite® system measure?
    The GAITRite® system automates measuring temporal (timing) and spatial (distance) gait parameters (temporal/spatial) and 8 levels of relative pressure.
  • What are the benefits of objective gait measures?
    Objective gait measures allow multiple users to compare standard gait measures as well as submit gait analyses for reimbursement.
  • Where can I buy a GAITRite®?
    GAITRite® can be purchased from CIR Systems Inc or through your local distributor – see our distributor page.
  • What is included in the price?
    The GAITRite® system typically comes with 1 webcam, its rolling cases and software. Software can be loaded on any number of laptops at the purchaser’s site. The system comes with 2 years of hardware and software warranty which includes WebEx Training and Support. Additional warranty can be purchased.
  • How many computers can I download the GAITRite® software onto?
    The software can be loaded onto any number of client pc’s.
  • Does GAITRite® have multiple language capabilities?
    The software can be run in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • What do we mean by portable?
    The GAITRite® Walkway is truly portable. It comes in a rolling carry case that can be stowed in a compact car. System set up to data collection can be performed in less than 2 minutes. The single layer walkway simply rolls out on any smooth surface. There is no calibration or re-alignment.
  • What are the dimensions of each GAITRite® product?
    The walkway comes in multiple lengths each with 18” of inactive, walk on/off area at either end. The active width is 24’, with overall width 35”. The walkway is 0.25” in depth allowing for a single rollout walkway with no trip hazard.
  • Can I schedule a demonstration?
    To schedule a demonstration contact or call 973-209-0711/888-482-2362.
  • How durable is the GAITRite® system?
    The walkway is very durable so long as it is used and stored within specifications for the system, see the Technical Spec for full details. The top surface is a durable water resistant vinyl that can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. Always lay the container on its side. As indicated by the labels, do not stand it on end. Do not fold, crease or puncture the walkway, as this will void the warranty. Never move the walkway without first rolling it up on the supplied drum. If you decide to allow the walkway to permanently lay on the floor, then make sure you provide adequate protection from rolling heavy equipment over the walkway. If you decide to allow the walkway to permanently lay on the floor, then make sure you provide adequate signs to warn the floor cleaning personnel to keep a distance while mopping the floors. If you decide to allow the walkway to permanently lay on the floor, then make sure that the area will not flood during storms. If uncertain, please remove the AC Adaptor from the mains when the walkway is not in use. To avoid damaging the sensors heavy objects should not be wheeled across the walkway and only clean relatively flat shoes should be used when walking on the walkway (no high heels or cleats).
  • What is the set up time?
    The GAITRite® Walkway system takes less than 2 minutes to rollout and collect data.
  • What systems does GAITRite® Integrate with & how?
    GAITRite® Systems can be integrated with EMG, Motion Capture and other systems, either by receiving a sync to time zero or sending it.
  • How can I extend my warranty?
    To extend your warranty contact 973-209-0711/888-482-2362.
  • How can I request training?
    To request training contact 973-209-0711/888-482-2362.
  • How can I get software upgrades?
    To request software upgrades contact 973-209-0711/888-482-2362.
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