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Proprietary Software for GAITRite

GAITRite® unique proprietary software provides a simple way to obtain valid, reliable, and objective temporo-spatial measures of gait, in real-time both in clinical and research settings.

The assessment requires no patient instrumentation. As the patient ambulates across the walkway, the software records the data capturing the geometry and the relative arrangement of each footfall as a function of time and space. 


Multiple walks may be collected in a matter of minutes. Parameters are computed along with their coefficient of variation. Individual test and progress reports are configurable and easily generated.


Over the course of a treatment, clinicians can record and compare gait imbalances and track a subject’s progress to develop the most effective treatment options. 

Available in a variety of models and lengths, GAITRite® systems  are ideal for establishing baseline function, documenting multiple gait patterns pre and post-intervention, matching objective gait parameters with subjective findings and justifying decisions for devices or services provided.


In research, pharmaceutical, medical applications and device manufacturers industries, GAITRite® allows for the  building of very large subject databases for extensive data analysis, reporting, and data mining. Used and trusted by 1500+ universities and research institutions around the globe.


As soon as the subject walks on the walkway, Data is collected in real time for instant processing, replay and easy reporting.

  • Summary Data (Step Time, Cycle Time, Step Length, HH Base Support, Single Support, Double Support, Swing, Stance, Step Extremity Ratio, Toe In/out)

  • 100+ Additional Gait Measurement Parameters

  • Selective Foot Fall pattern (standard, crutches, canes, walkers, small shoe size, Heel Toe gap etc..)

  • Detailed Temporal Foot Contact Data

  • Auto Suspend Walk Option for continuous data collection

  • Combine Walks for Comparatives against pre-defined Normals

  • Comparative and Cross Test Walk Replay Function (Foot Division – Transition – COP, etc..)

  • Multiple comparative reporting options (Screen, PDF and other formats) with a selected set of parameters

  • Individual Footfall event Grid showing foot segment contact times. 

  • Selective Report Graph Options

  • Multiple Export Data Function for all Parameters (Excel, TXT and other formats)

  • Video Replay for each Walk

  • Integration and Synchronization with third party external devices via a standard synchronization signal


Review of video data to determine any environmental considerations including transitions to and from walkway.

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