Dec 28, 2018

Available GAITRite Tutorials


Edited: Dec 28, 2018

We'd thought to give you a condensed list of what is available in the Tutorial section of the GAITRite website Adding Comments to Tests.pdf

​Archive Exporting single Patient Databases.pdf

Assistive Devices.pdf

Audio User Guide.pdf

Backing up GAIT4Dog Data.pdf

Backing up GAITRite CIRFace Data.pdf

Backing up GAITRite Data.pdf

Camera Logitech C930 Install.pdf

Cameras About using two cameras.pdf

Charting Multiple Tests in GAITRite.pdf

Activate analyze button.pdf

Collect or Split Suspended Walks & Export Test COP Guidline.pdf

Compare All Footfalls Solution.pdf

COP Exporting COP Data for Walks.pdf

Creating PDF Reports.pdf

Crosstest Footfall Phase Display.pdf

How to forward a GAITRite Database to GAITRite support.pdf

DataBase Repair.pdf

Copy a GAITRite database.pdf

Create Multiple GAITRite Databases.pdf

Deleting Subjects Walks Tests.pdf

Deleting Trial Data.pdf

Differentials GAITRite Differentials.pdf

Discharged subjects how to undischarge a subject.pdf

Distribution Summary Export details.pdf

Distribution Summary in Replay.pdf

Distribution Summary Viewing Distribution Summary.pdf

Double Support Calculating Cycle Time and Double Support.pdf

Double Support Calculations.pdf

Export Guide.pdf

Exporting GAITRite data directly to file.pdf

Folder To find your GAITRite folder.pdf

Foot Size Comparing foot size from a walk.pdf

Manually Processing Footfalls Flex Midline.pdf

GAITRite Assistive Devices and FAP.pdf

GAITRite Carpet Measurements.pdf

GAITRite Inactive Area Measurements.pdf

GAITRite Sensor Grid.pdf

GAITRite Sync Output.pdf

GAITRite User Guide Toe Drag.pdf

Left and Right Gait Parameters in GAITRite.pdf

Moving Walks between subjects.pdf

Network and Voltage Retrieval .pdf

Normal Groups User Guide.pdf

Phases GAITRite Foot Contact Data.pdf

User ID Creating GAITFour User IDs.pdf


Enjoy !!

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  • Simple Open your walk file and click on REPLAY Once in the REPLAY Screen, click on the COP to Excel at the bottom left of the screen The Data is then exported to Excel Download the User Guide here
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  • This is an open request to all GAITRite Forum members. I am interested to hear from you about how, GAITRite Support and the help of other GAITRite users, we can make the Community around GAITRite the best it can be to meet your needs. You can post comments directly to this post or if you prefer direct communication please feel free to send an email to Please don't think of this as a survey. Think of this as an opportunity to be heard! The GAITRite Forum should extend beyond being a place for tackling Gait Analysis or functionality issues. It is a place to build a vibrant GAITRite users Community and I want to find ways to facilitate this. So here are some sample questions to get the ball rolling. How can GAITRite improve documentation and your access to it? Do the examples and the articles GAITRite offers in the tutorial section meet your needs? If not is there something we can do to make them more usable or accessible? How should topics be organized? Would live webinars be useful? What events should GAITRite consider delivering to the Community? I know we have some creative people out there so don't hold back. With over 3000 sites around the world and users in the thousands, the GAITRite Community is your community and we need you to help us understand how it can contribute to your success!! Cheers Oliver

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